Merlin, Philippe-Antoine, count

   political figure
   Known as Merlin de Douai, Philippe-Antoine, count Merlin, who was born in Arleux, was an attorney. During the revolution of 1789, he was elected as a deputy for the Third Estate to the estates general (1789). He was reelected to the Convention (1792), where, with the montagnards, he voted for the king's death and was a proponent of the Law of suspects (september 1793). After the fall of maximilien ROBESPiERRE,as a member of the Committee of Public Safety, he encouraged the thermidorian reaction and followed an annexationist policy. A member the Council of Ancients and minister of justice in 1795, he was named director, replacing François Barthélémy after the coup d'état of 18 Fructidor Year V (September 4, 1797). He was forced to resign after 30 Prairial, Year VII because of his role in the coup d'état of 22 Floréal, Year VI. Procurator general of the Court of Cassation (1806-14) and a count of the Empire, Merlin de Douai was dismissed after the First restoration and proscribed as a regicide (1815). He returned to France in 1830 and was elected to the Académie Française that year.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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